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Draw Three: The Unicorn Tarot

The Unicorn Tarot
Written By: Suzanne Star
Artwork By: Liz Hilton

Past: Page of Rods
Divinatory Meaning: This card may represent you or a person who is prominent in your life - a young, enthusiastic person under the age of twenty-five with fair hair and complexion and blue or green eyes.  Rods usually depict fire signs or their characteristics: strong will, enthusiasm, spontaneity, determination.  If non of this pertains to  you, the alternative interpretation is that positive news is forthcoming, allowing one to actively proceed with a project or a goal.
In this card there is a man walking away from me his arm upraised brandishing a unicorn horn.  In the distance is a single unicorn grazing flanked on either side by spirit phoenixes.  The man appears to be rejoicing.  He could also be calling out to the unicorn attempting to get it's attention.  I wonder what he's happy about?

Present: Two of Cups
Divinatory Meaning: When this card appears in a spread, it is a strong indication that a special someone has a strong influence over you.  You could be experiencing intense true love, particularly if the Lovers are near this card.  If the question is one of business, then a partnership could be in the works.  Listen to te sound advice from loved ones or close friends before making decisions in financial matters for now.
There is a beautiful cup dressed in their finest gowns, toasting to their new life.  They look so deeply in love and enamoured with each other.  In the foreground stand a young unicorn.  He's looking at me intently.

Future: Three of Swords
Divinatory Meaning: When the three of swords appears in your spread it indicates heartache and misery; if related to relationships, there may be more going on than meets the eye.  Two is company, three is a crowd.  With the Devil, Judgement, Death, or four of rods close by, then the relationship has definitely come to an end, leaving you feeling devastated.  A feeling of grief is often common with this card, although a death as such does not always have to occur.  The death of a marriage, of course, leaves a feeling of emptiness.  If the question relates to health, then the indications are of heart trouble, although not necessarily death.  Again, you need to take the surrounding cards into account.
The couple from the previous card are depicted here.  Older than before and dressed more every day.  They are turned away from each other.  The woman caught up in some deep contemplation.  The man looking out of the card but not really focusing on anything, also thinking.  The unicorn, also older is leaving the couple out a back door.  He's looking back at them as though he's upset by them.

Wild: The World - 21
Divinatory Meaning: When the World appears in the spread it is foretelling changes, whether they are of a physical nature of simply the way you are viewing your situation.  You may have a new or different way of looking at things now, as a result of the experiences you have been through.  The world can indicate travel, especially if surrounded by the Chariot or other travel cards.  If the two of pentacles is near, a decision connected with finance may be faced in the near future - the outcome will be positive, as long as you listen to your instincts. 
A naked woman and a unicorn are both rearing in jubilation.  Her hands are reaching up towards the full moon in the sky.  Their celebration is all consuming and joyous.  The woman appears to reprsent all things feminine and divine.
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