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Eight of Pentacles

the reading exchange

the reading exchange
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This is the community for tarot readers, oracle readers, palm readers, rune readers, etc. to get together and get practice by participating in reading circles and reading exchanges. Got a new deck or a new spread to try out? This is the place.

Some guidelines:
If you are not a reader, please do not post here asking for free readings. You can get plenty of free online readings if you Google. The point of this community isn't getting readings (that's just a perk), it's finding fellow readers to practice on who will give good feedback.

Those of you who want to scan your spreads, or your palms, please use a good reliable photohosting site like photobucket or flickr.

Read your cards/runes/whatever, not your books. Please do not do readings where you just copy and paste the meaning for a card out of a book. What do *you* see in the card?

Please follow up on your commitments in reading circles. When you don't do the reading or give the feedback you agreed to do when you joined the circle, it leaves the others hanging. If something unforeseen comes up and you're not able to play your part, please notify the original poster or the moderator. Those of you who are even considering reading for money probably don't need me to tell you that leaving people hanging is not very professional. It's also bad karma. ;)

If you are an active member of this community, feel free to advertise your own community. Otherwise, posts for the sole purpose of advertising other communities on or off LJ will be deleted. There's always community_promo.