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The Dragon Tarot
By: Terry Donaldson
Card Paintings by: Peter Pracownik

Past: Two of Swords
Meaning: Standing at a crossroads.  Indecision.
As i look at this card i see a large blue male dragon holding a set of scales in one hand and balancing a giant sword in the other.  His tail is also holding an equally large sword.  I get the impression of balancing things, especially things seemingly too large for one to balance.

Present: The Magician - 1
Meaning: Put across your message to a wider audience!
In this card the Magician appears to be meditating and is surrounded by various religious items and magical artifacts.  Above him is the symbol for infinity.  I get theh impression of stepping back and looking at the whole picture before deciding.

Future: Page of Coins
Meaning: Wanting to change your line of work.  Taking on responsibility.  Breaking free of existing limitations.
In this picture there is a dragon with his eyes closed and his third eye open.  I get another impression of looking within and meditation.  Focusing on the other realm for answers and not so much this one.

Wild: Nine of Wands
Meaning: Allow yourself to receive support from others.  Don't be blocked off.
In this card a large red dragon is standing near the base of a set of stairs travelling off and up into the distance.  e is starting on a new road, a new journey in his life.  He seems to be contemplating if he should continue.  The end result seems so far away.

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