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The Faeries' Oracle
Artwork: Brian Froud
Text: Jessica Macbeth

Past: The Dark Lady - 20
Simple Meaning: Unconscious power and wisdom.  Rituals.  Mysteries.  Secrets
Looking at this reading in a last twenty four hours setting this hits with what i dreamed about last night.  Discovering a hidden power and truth about myself and my being.  I would read this card as either looking into ones own inner truths or coming to knowledge of said inner truths very recently.

Present: Ilbe the Retriever - 41
Simple Meaning: Office of Unclaimed Property, Hopes, and Wishes.  Loyalty.
This pretty much hits the way i felt this morning.  That dream really awakened a fair few things in my head.  Of course i'm sure there is more on the horizon.  Ilbe normally speaking of finding one of those lost and found boxes in  your soul or self.  Finding things you thought you had lost or perhaps even forgotten about.

Future: The Glaconer - 62
Simple Meaning: Illusion.  Delusion.  Lust.  Projection.  Clear sight.
The Glaconer likes to darken my door step far too often.  A beautiful creature who will dazzle one with looks and his silver tongue.  Many times talking you into someting that seems grander than it is.  Like a salesmen at your door, always be wary when he calls.

Wild: The Singer of Healing - 10
Simple Meaning: Healing of body, mind, and spirit.
After my girl pampering today I feel so much better in all three of these aspects.  But there are still parts that always need cleaning or fixing.  Healing of mind, body, and spirit is always an on going process.  One that we sometimes forget to perform.

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