Lady Merencara (airforcegrrl) wrote in 8ofpentacles,
Lady Merencara

Draw Three: Healing with the Fairies Oracle

Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards
Written by: Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.

Past: Sexuality
Artist: Corey Wolfe
Card Meaning: Your sexual self needs some attention.  By drawing this card, you are urged to be honest with yourself about your sexuality, and to take appropriate steps.

Very true of my past.  Was definitely not getting nor giving enough loving.  Though i think that has changed dramatically in recent months :D

Present: Creative Expression
Artist: Gail Gastfield
Card Meaning: Your heart needs an outlet to express powerful emotions.  By drawing this card, you're urged to engage in an artistic or creative endeavor.
I seriously do need to sit down and do this more.  I've got a merrid of ideas jam inside of my head of creative things I want to do and I just haven't let myself take the time to do them.  Although I kind of look at doing the daily tarot as a sort of creative expression too.

Future: Vacation
Artist: Diana Stanley
Card Meaning: You need a break from routines and stressful situations.  This card urges you to take time for yourself so that you can rest and renew.

I guess one vacation isn't enough.  Then again is it ever?  Regular time off should be something I keep updated on calendar as well.  Not just the every day mundane tasks and monthly to dos.

Wild: Making New Friends
Artist: Amy Brown
Card Meaning: Your circle of friends and acquaintances is shifting to a higher frequency.  Old friends may part ways, and new people are entering your life.

This is the second time this card has popped up.  I'm a very social person but i don't let many close enough to really know me.  I have many people i call friends but that term is so lose a phrase for me.  Perhaps it's driving at something else.  will have to think on this card some.
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