Carly (ifeel_fine) wrote in 8ofpentacles,

hello hello

I'm new and I just wanted to say hi to everyone.. so hi!I've been practicing tarot for over a year. I would like to do readings for anyone who wanted one. tarot has been such a gift in my life.
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If you want the practice, do me! :) Focus on the job front because I need a change of scenery.

I'll do one for you if you want one in return. :)
is that your question? I will definitly do one for you. Just want to check :)
Yeah. I don't usually have a specific question, just a general topic. :) Thanks, hun!
One more question: what's your sign?
Aquarius. (Best sign!)

Does that help when you do tarot?? I never thought to ask someone that...
Yeah, it does. It's easier for me to choose a significator. I actually already did your reading and just happened to choose the Queen of Swords (based off of your livejournal name.) and look at that, you're an air sign! :) i am too. So I'll post your reading and thoughts on it as soon as I can type it all out. It won't be long.
That's so awesome. I love how people have their ways of reading tarot. :)
I have your reading all typed out... it wouldnt fit on a comment. can i get your email address?


11 years ago

I rarely say no to a free reading! Bit of a vague question, sorry - I just want the cards to tell me what I need to know right now.

If you'd like a reading in return, just let me know.
absolutely. I just have one question: what is your sign?
Sag, with very strong Aquarius influence (ascendant and various planets in Aquarius). Also on the cusp with Capricorn.
...sure, if you'd like to, I'm glad to hear in general...I was born virgo, and am now capricorn, which sounds strange but is true...
I would appreciate a reading if it is not too much trouble. I am a Libra born on Oct. 1st. The focus of my reading, or at least the semi-unvague thought in my head is what is in store for me if I continue along the path that I am on. Thank you in advance and my email is on my info page.
Sounds like you've got plenty of people to practice on. If you run out though, I'm keen, and always happy to do one in return.
I don't have a topic or a question. Just whatever you see in the cards. If you have any interesting spreads you want to experiment with, feel free to try one out on me!
Let me know if you want one. Whether you do one for me or not. :)
Oops, and I'm a Pisces.