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Using the book AND the cards...

Okay. I have a question. In the info for this community, the moderator wrote that we shouldn’t write what the book says, we should write what WE see in the cards.
My husband and I both read Tarot, but in very different ways. And the lady we learnt from (his mother) has a style that is sort of a compromise between our two ways.
My husband has read the book that goes with his cards (the Cosmic deck) once, I think. He doesn’t use the book. He uses his own intuition. He just looks at the card and sees something in it. And it could be different every time he sees that card. Completely different.
My mother in law has studied her book (usually the Rider-Waite deck) and other books about Tarot and has learned what the cards mean, what the different suits mean, what the different numbers mean (like all Aces are new beginnings, etc) and what different combinations of cards mean. She doesn’t use her book in a reading, but she doesn’t need to, because she’s studied the book already.
I use my book (Mythic deck) a lot. Usually, I focus on the person, the question/issue and the spread, then lay out the cards for the spread. Then I go through the cards one by one. I check in my book for almost every card. Perhaps just because I have a really bad memory. :) I usually note a point or two for each card. The card doesn’t mean exactly the same thing each time. But it is usually a similar meaning. Usually, not always. Sometimes a different part of the card will jump out at me, and I’ll go with that. Afterwards, I’ll write up the reading just using my jotted notes, not the book.
I rarely do readings in person, because of my reliance on the book. It doesn’t look good. :) But I have no problem doing them online. I have only ever done paid readings a handful of times and I don’t usually charge – just that sometimes people say ‘I’d like a reading. No, don’t be silly, of course I’ll pay you for it!’
My question is this: am I doing it wrong? I’ve done readings for some people in this community before, including the moderator, so he/she probably has a basic idea of my outcomes. If you want to see my readings, they’re all up on my livejournal. I don’t give ‘standard’ answers – each card is related back to the specific question/issue and to the other cards in the spread, and also (of course) to the position within the spread if the position has a specific meaning. And the one card doesn’t always mean exactly the same thing each time. Sigh. I know it’s not good to rely so much on the book, but I blame that on my lack of time to really memorise it. I always believed that my style was just different to my husband’s. But after reading that note in the community info, I’m now wondering...
I guess I’m just second-guessing myself. I’ve had some really good feedback from non-readers that I’ve done readings for. But I don’t usually read for people who ‘know what they’re talking about’. :)
Anyway, I’ll put the question out there for some input. Your thoughts?
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