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A Twelve Card Spread for Elanor

Boy is my face red.

Deck: Revelations Tarot

Spread: Overview-Houses of Stars

(If you’re not familiar with the spread, allow me to explain: each of the twelve cards in the layout represents one of the twelve astrological houses from Aries to Pisces. It’s not necessarily a calendar spread as much as it demonstrates how your energy sympathizes with each of the houses and what that energy might bring you.)

Aries (What and How I am)

Hierophant- upright

You are settling into a comfortable pattern. Ritual and consistency strengthens you. You know the direction you want to go in and have decided on your destination. Excellent opportunity for learning lies ahead.

Taurus (What and How I have)

Two of Wands- upright

You are focused and are in control of your outgoing energy. There’s a large expenditure of energy, perhaps a big project or undertaking. Don’t refuse help on general principle; you’ll only burn yourself out. Tunnel vision may make the finish line appear closer than it is. This undertaking seems to need a lot of energy, so you won’t or don’t have as much to spare for other things as you might like.

Gemini (What and How I think)

High Priestess- upright

You may be feeling flimsy or insubstantial due to a recent disappointment or unsettling. You may look for answers, but you might choose not to take your search all the way to the end. You could be experiencing uncertainty about how make a goal reality. An uncomfortable but important lesson will come from all this.

Cancer (What and How I feel)

Page of Swords- reversed

Dodging, deflecting with such skill, you just might be a ninja. But despite all the midair acrobatics, you are very aware of everything going on around you. You might be afraid to reveal something closely guarded even to those most precious to you. Perhaps because you fear it will wither and disappear in the wind. Suspicion is unproductive, however.

Leo (What I desire and Why)

Five of Cups- reversed

You are ready to move on from a letdown. Pick up the remaining things of value and use them to create something new and better. Here is your chance to apply your creativity and watch it soar.

Virgo (What I analyze and How I resolve it)

Queen of Pentacles- reversed

You may find that you’ve become something of a sensualist in recent days, enjoy it. You’re all about simple pleasures-from a bowl of chocolate ice cream to playing kick the can like a ten year old. It does a person good to think simple again, so relax a bit and see the good side of life.

Libra (What and How I Balance)

Two of Pentacles- reversed

Finances may be slightly off lately. Money that you expected to have for something personal has gone to an unexpected expense. This is just a small set back and is easily corrected.

Scorpio (What and How I demand)

Seven of Cups- reversed

You no longer want to deal in fantasies and wishes and maybes. You just want the cold, hard facts. Focus on your immediately achievable dreams and you will find the decisions are clear. You can make things happen, just remember that solidity is key.

Sagittarius (What and How I see)

Page of Pentacles- upright

With a change in perspective, you can now see the way though a particularly frustrating obstacle. Hard work and discipline give way to intuition and innovation. After gaining hard won skills, the application of those skills provides you with a new freedom.

Capricorn (What I gain and How I benefit)

Strength- upright

Victory is yours! And a well-deserved victory it is. Nothing beats the pride and satisfaction of showing a constant nuisance what for and who done it. Time to set new goals for your follow up act.

Aquarius (What and How I know)

Five of Pentacles- upright

Wallowing in victory promotes stagnation and rot, so get a move on. Do not be afraid to start over or move on to a different venue. If you remain in this mindset, you cannot grow.

Pisces (What and How I Believe)

Seven of Swords- reversed

Dig deep and trust yourself. Despite what you or others would have you believe, anything is possible. Your subconscious knows what it’s doing. Even if you do not achieve a goal, rest assured something valuable will come of the attempt.

I thought I'd just put this up before it looked like I fell off the planet, rather than wait for the pictures.
Edit: Now with pictures! I couldn't get photos of the actual layout because my camera hates me, so I scanned in the cards myself. Just pretend that all twelve cards form a heh. Links:

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